Too Faced Natural Love Palette Review ! #5

Hey ! Welcome to okijeanie ! Sorry i haven’t posted in a while 😦 , I’ve been getting alil lazy, but expect more posts !

So just recently, the Natural love pallet came out in Australia and i got my hands on it!

It was $85 AUS which is pretty expensive, but for 30 beautiful colours i considered it pretty worth it. The pallet was very smooth and all the colours blended well. There are shimmer colours and mattes, I wanted this pallet because of it’s beautiful pinks and golds. The pallet has a huge mirror  and the packaging is so cute, it also comes with a little pamphlet with a few eyeshadow looks that i might try out myself and tell you guys about it ! A few of the colours come from many different previous pallets, hence alot of people saying it’s not worth it, but i’ve never owned a too faced pallet and i consider it to be a pretty good starting pallet, just on the pricer side. So I didn’t want to ruin my pallet with finger swatches and i was also too lazy to pull out the pallet to take pictures so i just grabbed afew pictures online, don’t worry i’ll link where i found em !

From !!




I really like this pallet, it has a lot of colours and you can make heaps of different neutral looks, it is also a great pallet for too faced makeup starters. I would recommend it 100% !



Too faced Natural Love pallet  – $85 AUD


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