Daiso Haul + Review ! #6 

Hey ! Welcome to okijeanie ! Today I decided to do a lil stop at my fav store DAISO and decided to do a mini haul + review !

This is a lil overview !

So this is everything i purchased, everything being $2.80 each so the total was $11.20 !!

So this is the Daiso Face Peeling Gel in “peach” and it looks so cute and aesthetic, this face gel has mirco balls which helps exfoliate your face, but it says you can use it on other parts of your body eg arms and legs, and it smells peachy !

I next got this Daiso Face Cleaner and it’s like the brush egg cleaner but for your face ! I used this with the Daiso Face Peeling Gel and It really exfoliated my skin !

I then got these eyelashes, honestly i dont even know how to pick eyelashes, i just grab a pretty pair, they just looked really pretty and dramatic to the side, i love daiso lashes as the lash end isnt hard on the eyes, but i recomend using black eyelash glue as the lash backs are see through, but you can see the spots, if you kinda get me.

Finally, i got these eyebrow razors, these are cute pastel colours! And really good for cleaning up false hairs !


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