Remember when I said my blog was going to have some food places, but i’ve always been to lazy to take photos.  Sooooo … Introducing SYDBOUND a new thing where i’ll be posting regular fun things to do and eat at in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, and Today we’re taking a break from makeup/beauty related products, and we’re going to be talking about Big Daddy’s Burger Bar the in Newtown, SYD !

I’ve been there around 3 times and i usually order the same thing, BUT it’s a must try !

img_3017img_3694     img_9935

Here’s a few pics from all the times i’ve been and I always get the same thing, the Bacon Swiss and Mushroom, It has everything i enjoy eating, Bacon and Mushrooms ! The fries are also Curly fries, which you can upgrade to loaded fries. The restaurant looks like classic american diners. This place has heaps of things to choose from on the menu, the staff were very friendly, the food came out pretty quick, but i didn’t really like the Brioche Bun, a sweet tasting bun, just my preference!


– I’m going to give it four stars!, as i just can’t get around the brioche bun 😦


The menu, prices, location and rating are all HERE !



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